Highest levels of privacy


Background noises are inseparable from the common office, especially if we are speaking about open spaces. All those noises can distract people from work, significantly dropping the productivity. To solve this problem, people use different solutions, and we are suggesting the high-tech approach, using Atlas IED’s new Z-series sound masking system.

Z-series sound masking systems will provide the highest level of privacy you can imagine. This out of box solution generates white and pink noise, creating silence where there is none. 30-Watt 70V amplification allows people next to you to sound like they are from across the room providing full concentration. These devices are especially useful for meeting rooms, thanks to their special Speech Privacy Enhancements. This mode applies additional acoustical energy to the surrounding environment increasing the privacy levels for the conference room occupants. All controls are conducted through you iOS or Android devices or PC.

Atlas IED’s Z series devices will bring more comfort to your office. By masking any noises, they will help employees to work comfortably while bringing more privacy to important meetings.

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