News 2024: Selected SWT3 series automatic switchers from Kramer


The SWT3 series switchers embody the latest trends in the construction of devices for audio-visual installations. They received a lot of new useful functions, while maintaining the compactness and low heat generation of the models of the previous series. One of their key features is the ability to manage switches via Ethernet with support for user authentication in accordance with the 802.1x standard. Now let’s get familiar with 3 selected devices from the SWT3 series.

SWT3-21-H and SWT3-41-H are automatic HDMI 2×1 and 4×1 switchers, respectively.

SWT3-41-U-T is an automatic switcher/transmitter with 4 ports (2 USB-C + 2 USB-B) for active USB hosts, to which peripheral devices (keyboard, mouse, video bar) can be connected locally — via 3 USB ports -A + USB-C, and remotely — using a built-in transmitter with 2 outputs for a copper twisted pair cable. You can also connect a 1:2 passive distributor to one of the outputs to increase the number of devices in the system.

All SWT3 Series devices support Plug-and-Play connection, resolutions up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4:4) and HDR. USB-C inputs support video transfer and fast charging up to 60W. Devices with HDMI ports feature a DISPLAY ON button to remotely turn on/off the HDMI display via the CEC bus and a built-in intelligent RS-232 and GPIO control gateway. The switchers can be managed remotely via RS-232 and Ethernet, with the LAN port supporting PoE power. These devices were presented at ISE 2024.