The best way to hide wires
The vast majority of modern offices is covered in wires. Monitors, printers, phones, PCs and many other devices demand wired connections, covering workplaces with hanging wires. To solve this problem ErgoFount presents cable-channels for any purpose.

The best solutions for hanging wires are BCS-20B and BCS-25B cable-channels. With a wide diameter and 1-meter length they can cover hanging wires anyplace. For covering wires near tables use CS series cable channels. Stylish plastic devices will suit any interior thanks to various color options. This series also include CS-60G and CS-60B metal cable channels, allowing to place a surge protector under the desktop.

For the desktops of unusual form, it is recommended to use PCS cable channels. Thanks to their flexible construction they can be mounted under the desktop of any shape, perfectly suitable for conference rooms.

ErgoFount continues to deliver solutions to any problem, demonstrating it with their cable channels. They will organize wires in any office no matter the conditions.

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