Work as you please


Ergonomics is all about making one’s workplace comfortable. To achieve this goal, it’s important to adjust everything in the most suitable position possible. Each element of your workstation should be perfectly adjusted. The most difficult thing to adjust is the workdesk, because they are made with the average height index in mind, and many people have to deal with desks that are too high or too low. In such cases motorized tables will help you like ErgoFount’s new motorized desk frames BSSD-L10-18/23 B and BSSD-L10-18/12 B.

These motorized desk frames will suit any person thanks to their adjustable height. BSSD-L10-18/23 B allows to change height between 600 and 1230 mm, while BSSD-L10-18/12 B works in range of 730-1210 mm. Also, you can adjust width in range of 800 or 500 mm depending on model. All the adjustments won’t disturb your colleagues thanks to quiet mechanisms producing less than 50 dB of noise. Also, it’s important to mention their durability. Both desk frames are highly robust and can withhold up to 80 or 125 kg, making them suitable for any kind of work. Add the possibility to freely choose the tabletop you need, and you get a perfect workplace for any kind of work.

BSSD-L10-18/23 B and BSSD-L10-18/12 B motorized desk frames will bring comfort to your workplaces, creating the most comfortable working conditions possible. Adjust it just the way you want and work for your own pleasure.    

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