Motorized Ceiling Lifts ErgoFount
 Motorized Ceiling Lifts ErgoFount

Just press slightly a remote control button and.. display on a ceiling installation goes smoothly down without even a sound. You think this is a kind of future technology or a sci-fi movie set? Give us a break! New ErgoFount mounts of the BCM series are absolutely available for anyone.

Using an automatic ceiling lift BCM-0522MT you can easily control 23-42″, 30kg display. Licensed tool will automatically move display in a pre-set position while you can also configure its tilt within 0-75°, additional ±3° fine tuning is also possible. Lift can be activated from the IR remote control or by continuous pressing of the panel. VESA patterns up to 200x200 are supported.

BCM-0544MT model is designed for bigger displays up to 55″, VESA up to 400x400. It has the same maximum load parameters; its robustness was tested under the conditions exceeding nominal loads of 30kg thrice. Remote control has position memory buttons Mem1 and Mem2; they are very useful for quick preset recall.

Besides the impressive wow-effect for your visitors and customers, our lifts are quite compact and save room space. In closed position they create no shadows over workstations, speaker rostrum or bulletin boards.

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