Compilation of unconventional solutions

If the room is used for meeting, for videoconferencing and for everyday work, Modul IT recommends the occasional Exchange series of tables which can be easily transformed during the day. Convince a customer of the need to install several series of professional furniture does not always work, especially when they are markedly different from the standard office options. For such cases SMARTdesk developed a versatile Exchange line of furniture, allowing to implement a lot of using office space scenarios because the same tables are utilized in various combinations.

A modular Exchange collaboration furniture system permits the setup of different shapes to promote the types of interaction particular to the collaborative learning or business process. Multi-Use gives freedom, while the shape of the table promotes flow, selected to optimize the building of consensus, interpersonal relationships and teaming with the purpose of achieving specific shared goals. The shapes help remove barriers to consensus by encouraging non-confrontational, positive body language, while flipIT® and laptop power/data ports allow technology to enter in or be moved aside at will — facilitating the exchange.

Meeting, video conferencing session or regular casual seating employees – at the heart of all combinations is the EXG-594330-L-K19-LC triangular table. This one can be used as a stand-alone workstation and as one of the constituent elements of a complex structure in the shape of a "star", "snake", a triangle or a hexagon. Exchange elements are made in mirror image versions: curve to the left or right. This permits the various shape configurations for the installation.

The Exchange pinwheel is made up of 6 elements of the same kind, left or right. Each workstation has enough personal space for focused privacy without the need for partitions. It offers a great range of postures without the need for time-wasting re-arrangement. Screens are angled for privacy. The desktop space to the left works as a place for text materials or as a shared conference space with the neighboring collaborator. Impromptu round circle meetings can easily take place with open sight lines within the group. Acquainted with this series closer, you will be surprised of the reasonableness and non-standard solutions which it offers.

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