Console universal dealing desks

Operator station, control panel, trading desk – these names go for the same table. It has many titles, as well as applications. Today we introduce a mobile version of popular office solutions on wheels. Multi-monitor dealing desks series are the most modular and versatile to date. This furniture is quite specific, mainly for use in the work of stockbrokers, analysts and bank employees. Due to the fact that there are many types of data tables, their use is not limited to only these spheres. They are also in demand in the dispatch services, situation centers and guard companies – in other words, in areas where there is a need in maximum concentration of attention during the monitoring of flows rapidly changing operational information.

Modul IT introduces universal Fit Console unit, which is a compact form of the work table and is ideal for many multimedia applications. Its curved design keeps everything within easy reach. Steel frame delivers a range of height selectable and fixed trading desk infrastructure using inter-changeable mechanisms and the same set of core components. A full array of monitors fit comfortably across the curved workstation and wrap around you for easy viewing.

The table has a semi-circular shape, it is designed to work both sitting and standing due to the possibility to add to the existing upper tiers of levels. There is nothing superfluous: no bulky rear and side walls or decorative items creating "beauty." A monitor and keyboard shelf, cable trough, six legs, and six 3″ casters (front two locking) make the unit easy to move – all standard with the Console. With an overall depth of 39”, there’s room to spread out your equipment with plenty of elbow room left over. The desk sturdy easily holds many monitors and lots of heavy editing equipment. Each desk refinements can be added to suit your requirements.

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