Boomerang™ tables let you focus on communication

The system includes a multiple camera and multiple screen telepresence. Presentation data is displayed on widescreen monitors or laptops using genuine flipIT® equipment. The backs of laptops are dressed for the camera, allowing unobstructed camera coverage. Video Conferencing Furniture, with built-in widescreen LCDs, put presentation data in view, dressing the backs of the monitors for the camera. Designed for camera optics in 2-camera telepresence configuration. Laptops may also be used with flipIT® Laptop Safes. When not needed, there is no fumbling around. Laptops are put away quickly and safely so they are out of the way, reducing visual clutter on camera.

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables solve the issue of putting presentation data in front of all participants in a way they are accustomed to viewing information. Your video performance is optimized for resolution and lossless frame rate. Your sound is processed for the most natural-sounding speech possible.

Now you can take full advantage of the technology and make the experience complete by placing screens in the users' spaces. Data does not require a high frame rate to present optimally. Using that feed for the PC screens is an ideal way to use the bandwidth. No sacrifice in quality. No compromise in comfort. No straining to see across the room to read a paragraph, see a photographic detail, or read a drawing or map. Tables look good from every angle. Modesty panels echo the shape of the top. The angled legs suspend the tops in a way that makes them look like they are flying. That open space serves the comfort of the users.

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