Telemedicine carts: medical diagnosis at a distance

A unique product that offers value for money - mobile Telemedicine stands. Made of special material, they are ideally suited for use in medical institutions. Today we want to introduce a compact and versatile solution for medical applications. Mobile stands for telemedicine systems, also known as the Telemedicine carts are indispensable in some cases. For example, when you need to conduct an immediate diagnostic examination, but the patient is too far away from large medical centers. They are also used to provide advanced medical consultation and send the results of medical tests.

Modern telemedicine stands can accommodate a variety of medical equipment and make a video call. They are equipped with mount for single display up to 32-42 inch. Includes standard 19 inch rack, sliding drawer, lockable compartment under it, electronically adjustable display and 10-16RU storage cabinet height, camera mount.  Standard package also includes a wheel system with wheels locking function.

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