USB–C Hub Multiport Adapter
SKU: 91-00015899
Brand: Kramer
KDock−3 is a USB−C hub multiport adapter specially designed to support mobile devices and is an ideal accessory for MacBook, laptops equipped with USB Type−C, mobile phones, and tablets. KDock−3 enables you to connect your USB−C device to HDMI™ and DisplayPort video outputs, 2 USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, SD card port and USB−C data and charging pass−through. Note: Video output for smartphones is supported only for smartphones that support DisplayPort Alt mode through USB−C.
Connector Type A USB, Type C (Male)
Connector Type B Set of adapters *
Bandwidth 10.2 Gbps (3.4 Gbps per channel)
Maximum Resolution 3840x2160, 30 Hz - for one display
1920x1080, 60 Hz - for two displays
HDCP specifications 1.4
USB Specifications 3.0
Ethernet Transfer Rate 10/100/1000 Mbps
USB Bandwidth up to 5 Gbps.
USB powered 100 W (USB-C)
Housing material aluminum
Operating temperature range 0…+70 °C
Storage temperature range −10…+55 °C
Relative humidity 5 ... 90  % (without condensation)
Weight 0,1 kg
Safety CE, FCC
Standards in the field of nature protection and the environment RoHS
Notes *   connector type b
1 - HDMI, type A (socket)
1 - DisplayPort, DP 20-PIN connector ( socket)
1 - Ethernet, RJ45 connector (socket)
2 - USB 3.0, type A (socket)
1 - USB (data and power), type C (socket)
1 - SD card slot


USB–C Hub Multiport Adapter
SKU: 91-00015799
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USB–C Hub Multiport Adapter
SKU: 91-00015999
Price, pcs €298.26
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