Irreplaceable ABL solutions for meeting and conference rooms


Let’s continue exploring interesting ABL installation solutions. After the detailed review of Port El outlets, which can be flush-mounted into the desk not only horizontally but also vertically, let’s take a closer look at the new Conference and Link solutions. We will discuss both product lines in one article because they complement each other: Conference installation boxes are designed for mounting Link power modules.

Conference boxes are available in three sizes: MIN, MID, MAX, differing in width (247, 347 and 447 mm, respectively). If necessary, you can combine several units into one network using extension cables with GST18i3 CLxx series connectors and a MLFxx series power cable of a suitable length.

Level series desktop power modules are available in different configurations: from one Schuko socket and two optional slots for IMP connection plates (CAT6, HDMI or USB) to ready-made solutions with six 220V sockets.

We would also like to note how convenient Conference series hatches are: they provide access to connectors from two sides, and their low-profile design allows you to close the lid even with devices connected, freeing up valuable workspace. The brushes located on the sides prevent foreign objects and dust from getting inside the box.

The solutions presented today will organically fit into any meeting and conference rooms (which is reflected in the name of the series). In addition, built-in power modules can be very useful in dispatching and situational centers, where different types of equipment are connected simultaneously. If you did not find the option you need, just message us.