Applications of ABL installation solutions


You have been asking for a long time to talk about varieties and features of modern installation solutions. We will fulfil your request and answer the main questions using the ABL brand as an example. What are the best areas for installation? How to avoid mistakes during project estimations? What is the difference between solutions of various product lines?

What types of products are presented?
• on desk, under desk and in desk power modules with 220 V sockets
• removable multimedia plates that provide easy access to the most popular media and data connectors (HDMI, USB 3.0, RJ45 CAT6a, VGA, mJack 3.5)
• mains leads with GST18i3 (female) and Schuko (male) connectors, as well as connector cables for daisy chaining of multiple power modules

Where and how are these solutions used?

In various areas of life: situation centres and control rooms, educational and government institutions, cafes, bars, hotels, offices, meeting rooms, client, lounge and reception areas.

ABL solutions are easily customizable and configurable to meet customer needs. To avoid miscalculations when designing your project, decide how many power points you need, what types of equipment will be used, and what connectors will be used. Use the filters in our catalogue to select solutions yourself or contact our managers.

How do power modules differ from each other?

The Port El series is ideal for HoReCA, office and home use when creating a personal workplace. These recessed power modules also organically fit into the interior of restaurant halls, lounge areas and hotel rooms. Believe us, wherever you place this power module, it will significantly increase the functionality of the room.

The Conference series top access and housing solutions can be used as a standalone solution or with accompanying Link under desk power modules. They, as well as Level and Aero Flip in desk power modules, are a good choice for situational centers and control rooms where you need to connect different types of equipment at the same time. In addition, these solutions can enhance functionality of work areas in office spaces.

The main advantage of the Flexi and Chroma series is that they can be mounted on the edge of a desk with elegant, easily adjustable clamps. These power modules provide easy access to all necessary sockets and connectors at arm’s length in case flush mounting is not possible (glass tables, etc.). These products are mainly used in classrooms and office spaces.