SurgeX SQUID – your perfect all-in-one power management solution!


SQUID is the only product that provides both AC and DC power distribution, protection, network control and analytics software — all in one compact package. With SQUID, you no longer have to install one unit for AC, another for DC, and a separate unit for grid control and monitoring. SQUID is the ideal solution for optimizing ProAV installations in any collaboration environment with limited space, such as huddle rooms.

In the Modulit Solutions catalog, the SQUID line is represented by three models: SX-DC-8-12/24 and 1224. Each model has 4 individually switchable AC sockets with grounding and (depending on the model) 4×12V/4×24V/2×12V+2X24V DC outputs, organized into individually switchable dual banks. In addition, each device has: one 5V DC output, two USB-A power ports, and an Ethernet port for connecting to the SQUID’s internal web server, which provides a comprehensive portal for managing, configuring, and monitoring the device.

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