MC3 Series Cards for MTX3-16-M and MTX3-34-M Modular Matrices


Last summer, the MTX3-16-M and MTX3-34-M matrix switchers were added to the Kramer catalog. These modular chassis allow you to easily install a dual-port input or output module. The most relevant are the MC3 series modules, which include 3 types of I/O modules for HDMI 4K60 signals.

The MC3-2HI/MC3-2HO modules are equipped with HDMI ports only, while the MC3-2HAI/MC3-2HAO modules also have a mini-jack connector for embedding/de-embedding analog audio. The MC3-2RI/MC3-2TO modules are HDBaseT-enabled and have a comprehensive set of ports, allowing not only to transmit an HDMI 4K60 signal over a twisted pair cable up to 100 m, but also to embed/de-embed analog audio (or output an audio return channel), as well as tunnel bidirectional RS-232, Ethernet and IR signals into the HDBaseT line.

The MC3 series of modules is an ideal set of tools that makes MTX3-16-M and MTX3-34-M matrices a switching core of a ProAV installation in conference and meeting rooms, situational and control centres, etc.

Find the links to matrix switchers below: