Kramer and Jabra join forces in the field of collaboration solutions


A press release issued on December 14, 2022 in Tel Aviv, Israel, announced the start of a collaboration between Kramer and the Danish company Jabra, one of the world’s leading developers of wireless headphones, headsets and video conferencing devices. According to the press release, the Alliance plans to create a next-generation certified, integrated solution for wireless presentations and collaborations suitable for both huddle spaces and large conference rooms. The solution will incorporate Kramer VIA Connect² and VIA Campus² and Jabra`s PanaCast video conferencing line.

The synergy between Kramer and Jabra is largely due to the VIA Versa feature in Kramer’s VIA Connect² and VIA Campus², which allows participants with Windows devices to use third-party professional video soundbars during video conferences. Jabra PanaCast 50 is a great example. This device has three 4K cameras that provide a 180° field of view with smart zoom, ensuring that all participants, even those who are socially distancing, are clearly visible on the screen. An array of eight professional smart microphones allows every speaker to be heard perfectly, no matter where in the room they are. Finally, the device provides high-quality stereo sound for video conferencing thanks to a pair of built-in two-way speakers and echo and noise cancellation systems.

Let’s take advantage of these great news to briefly recall the main features of Kramer VIA Connect² and VIA Campus². These products allow users of iOS, Windows, Android, and Chrome OS devices to connect to the same system via built-in Wi-Fi and to present their content, stream HD videos, edit a shared document on the main screen in real time, and use many other useful features that turn routine work into an engaging and efficient process.

The collaboration of such established industry leaders as Kramer and Jabra is a milestone for the AV collaboration market, resulting in an entirely new line of high-tech turnkey solutions for huddle spaces, meeting rooms, conference halls as well as classrooms and auditoriums.