Vogel`s mobile stands for presentations and lectures


Mobile stands and trolleys with large displays are especially good in scenarios when there isn`t any video equipment in the room, but in a couple of minutes a stand is rolled out, the power cord is plugged into the outlet, and your presentation begins.

Vogel´s TD series is a recent example of such a solution. These trolleys are designed to accommodate heavy 65’’+ displays in landscape orientation, they are often used by event organizers in transforming halls, conference rooms and training centers.

There are 3 available pole length options to provide the desired screen height: 1500 mm for TD1584, 1800 mm for TD1884 and 2000 mm for TD2084, it’s reflected in the first two digits of the model name. Each model includes reinforced PFS 3204 interface strips and PUC 2715 poles. The maximum load is 160 kg for TD1584 and TD1884, and 150 kg for TD2084.

The rest of the specifications are similar for all models: 100×100 to 850×400 mm VESA, −3°/+3° tilt adjustment, concealed CIS cable duct inside the hollow pole. The trolleys require minimal physical effort and time to move to a new location. In short, it`s exactly what you need for mobile presentations, meetings and lectures with demonstration of photos, videos, graphics and other visual materials.