A new look at videoconferencing capabilities. VHD Solutions


I think we can all agree that the videoconferencing experience is mostly about picture quality. The topic of the report, clarity of presentation slides, speech intelligibility and other parameters always come to mind later. So today we are going to tell you about a number of high-tech solutions that provide this very quality. As you probably guessed, we will talk about cameras.

Let’s take a look at some of the new products from VHD, a leading manufacturer of professional rotating and fixed image capture solutions for meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms. They surpass most analogues in terms of price/quality ratio and in no way inferior in terms of technical level.

Let`s begin with the V63CL PTZ model with 30x optical zoom. It supports 1080p/60 and H.265 for video streaming with minimal bandwidth requirements. The camera has ±170° horizontal and −30...+90° vertical rotating range, 65° horizontal angle of view, 100°/с horizontal and vertical rotation speed. V63CL uses Panasonic 1/2.7″ HD CMOS sensor with 2.07M effective pixels. Thanks to an image flip function, the camera can be installed even on a ceiling. It’s an excellent choice for small rooms.

The next solution can be recommended for the projects with high requirements for displaying the highest quality video in real time. The VX110 PTZ camera uses SONY flagship 1/1.7″ HD CMOS sensor with 12.4M effective pixels and can output uncompressed 4K video in HDMI and 12G-SDI formats. This model provides 12х optical and 16х digital zoom and minimal latency, thanks to the unique patented ISP 4K technology. 3D digital noise reduction algorithm guarantees a clear picture even in low light conditions. The camera has 82.6° horizontal and 51.9° vertical angle of view, 26.2°/s horizontal and vertical rotation speed, ±170° horizontal and ±25° vertical rotating range.

There are also so-called ready-made solutions of the ValueHD product range. For example, the M1000B fixed UHD video soundbar with EPTZ support, built-in speaker and Beamforming microphone array with 6m pickup distance. It outputs video up to 3840×2160/30 via HDMI and USB 3.0 ports. Its wide-angle lens guarantees low optical distortion. It has connectors for 2 external microphones with echo cancellation support. The video soundbar comes with a wall bracket that can be easily mounted on any flat monitor, which is very convenient in a conference room or reception area.

Each of the products presented above is good in its own way, substantially expanding capabilities of your solution for organizing communication sessions for both videoconferencing and UC platforms. If you are interested in testing new products, please contact our managers.

VHD is a leading manufacturer of videoconferencing systems for meeting rooms and conference halls. The company’s catalogue includes PTZ and fixed cameras, as well video soundbars.