tvONE is a British company that has all categories of modern proAV equipment in its catalogue. Their most famous inventions are CORIO®matrix modular matrices and CORIO®master video processors. The latter scales 4K content in real time with image rotation and transition effects on multiple video walls, including those composed of displays of different sizes. It supports dozens of sources and receivers of different signal formats. And this is only part of its capabilities.

In addition to these devices, there are multi-format scalers and converters, processors for blending projectors and multiviewers. There are also simpler switchers for video, audio and graphics, distribution amplifiers and interface extenders. The ONErack mounting system for a compact, organized installation of small-sized AV equipment is also worth noting.

The company occupies a leading position in the field of switching and converting equipment. tvONE devices are used in cutting-edge advertising installations, live events, TV studios, OB vans, secure government facilities and in medical organizations. Manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 certified. All products comply with RoHS, WEEE and REACH standards.

  • tvONE — Patented technologies

    Patented technologies

    Devices massively outperform many competing solutions
  • tvONE — Exceptional functionality

    Exceptional functionality

    Creative video installations limited only by your imagination
  • tvONE — Multitasking and specialization

    Multitasking and specialization

    Multifunctional devices and simpler equipment
  • tvONE — Smooth operation

    Smooth operation

    Power and data redundancy
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