Create Engaging Learning Atmosphere with StarBoard IFPDs!


In forming our product portfolio we`ve been always paid considerable attention to the educational sector. Specifically we offer a wide range of Interactive Flat Panel Displays as the key element of a modern collaborative classroom. The YL Series IFPDs with as many as 20 simultaneous touch points (for fingers and pens) is the subject of this post.

Those Android 11 based Windows, Mac OS & Linux compatible IFPDs allow the teacher to call not only local but remote students to the class board. Moreover, a whole group of students can be involved in a real-time simultaneous presenting, sharing ideas and brainstorming seamlessly and efficiently, thus creating a unique engaging learning atmosphere. The aforementioned 20 simultaneous touch points just give the necessary freedom for such a collaborative work.

Check out more than a dozen of StarBoard IFPD models in our catalog that will provide an incredible learning experience for the students and finally largely improve the effectiveness of the educational process.