Proel is an Italian manufacturer of professional audio equipment with history dating back to 1991. It specializes in commercial acoustics, mixing consoles, power amplifiers and related equipment. There also offer stands for microphones and speaker systems. In addition, Proel Group produces lighting equipment under the Sagitter brand and premium concert acoustics under the Axiom brand.

The brand name has long become synonymous with reliability and excellent design in the live entertainment industry. Proel equipment is often mentioned in riders of famous rock bands, it can be found at the largest music and exhibition venues in Europe and the CIS countries. The headquarters of the company is located in central Italy, and the distribution network covers more than 120 countries in all corners of the globe.

  • Proel — Recognizable brand

    Recognizable brand

    Frequent guest of celebrity riders
  • Proel — Signature sound

    Signature sound

    Punchy bass and superior intelligibility
  • Proel — Understanding end user needs

    Understanding end user needs

    Engineers with field experience
  • Proel — Complex approach

    Complex approach

    Everything you need to equip a concert hall or a theater: sound, light and switching solutions
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