Meet 7 Series AVoIP solutions


Six new products have been added to the Kramer AVoIP solutions family. The KDS-EN7, KDS-SW2-EN7, and WP-SW2-EN7 encoder-transmitters convert HDMI signals up to 4K60Hz (4:2:0), as well as audio, RS-232, IR, and USB signals, using the JPEG codec, and transmit them over a 1Gbs Ethernet network. SW2 devices have a built-in 2×1 HDMI + USB-C auto switcher.

The KDS-DEC7 and WP-DEC7 decoders receive digital streams from the network and convert them into the original signals (WP-DEC7 — only into HDMI, audio and RS-232). The KDS-7-MNGR controller allows you to control systems based on the 7 series devices located in the same local network: combine them into groups, configure virtual matrices, video walls (up to 16×16) and KVM systems.

KDS units have compact aluminium housings, WP models are made in the form of a wall panel. All 7 Series devices support PoE power and are easy to manage thanks to their intuitive, user-friendly web pages.