Introducing a new product! VS-34FD modular matrix switcher


Meet the latest product of 2021 — VS-34FD modular matrix switcher for HDMI, HDBaseT, VGA, SDI, analog and digital audio signals. The unique feature of this device compared to other Kramer modular matrices is that any of 17 slots of its modular chassis can be equipped with input or output modules. In other words, you get a modular chassis which allows you to create a 2×32 to 32×2 matrix switcher or any other configuration in between (with the total of 34 ports) in increments of 2 inputs or 2 outputs.

The chassis includes a dedicated control module with RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces and an additional slot for an optional hot-swappable redundant power supply. The currently available set of HDMI and HDBaseT modules supports signals up to 4K@60 Hz (4:4:4), 18 Gbps (6 Gbps per channel), however, the modular chassis is 8K-ready, allowing for seamless upgrades in the future. VS-34FD supports Fast Switching technology which minimizes switching delay.

Among the features of VS-34FD, we would like to highlight flexible remote control options: the device can be controlled manually via Ethernet using simple and intuitive embedded web-pages or via Ethernet or RS-232 using Kramer Protocol 3000 commands. The device is compatible with Kramer Network platform which allows automatic device discovery in the network, identification of modules or slots type, firmware update, inputs switching, saving and recalling specific matrix presets, configuring individual functions (for example, adjusting signal levels for audio modules).

Without a doubt, the VS-34FD matrix switcher will find its place in serious projects with a large number of AV sources of various formats and high technical and operational requirements.