Is it magic? No, it`s VIA Connect 2!


The long-awaited VIA Connect² (VIA Connect2) has received several important upgrades, which we`ll tell you about in detail. Firstly, it has a built-in 2.4/5.0 GHz Wi-Fi router and a network port with the same functionality for wireless and wired connections respectively. Secondly, 4K@60 support for both HDMI input and output ports, which allows you to output high quality video signals in full screen mode without using additional wires. Thirdly, its compact size (74×74mm).

We would also like to highlight the ability to stream live content from a meeting room or a classroom on most platforms (including YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto). You can directly display your desktop on the main screen using VIA app. The device supports AirPlay for devices running iOS and Mac OS, Miracast — for Windows and Android, ChromeBook mirroring — for Chrome OS.

Furthermore, VIA Connect 2 is by default integrated with the popular Zoom and Microsoft Teams videoconferencing platforms. It’s capable of demonstrating visual content of 4 participants on one screen simultaneously as well as displaying prearranged dynamic information and advertising content on the main display during coffee-breaks and other periods of time when there is no meeting in progress thanks to the extremely useful Digital Signage function.

Up to 254 participants can simultaneously connect to the VIA Connect 2 system with their personal laptops and smartphones within the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept. The videoconferencing capabilities are expanded thanks to the VIA Versa function, which allows participants to use an external video conferencing device (camera, microphone or speakerphone) connected to one of three USB ports instead of using built-in cameras of their mobile devices.

This sounds like magic, but VIA Connect2 really can do a lot, despite its small size and light weight.

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