Reliable tool for collaborative work


Meet VIA Campus² and VIA Campus² Plus — the most up-to-date and functional VIA line devices. Accumulating all necessary functionality demandable in a conference room they will easily allow you to organize a collaborative work within the True Collaboration concept.

Being new revisions of the Campus model these devices have been upgraded in many ways. The most significant advancement was an addition of a built-in Wi-Fi router supporting 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. By means of it users can get into collaborative work without using external networks. Miracast and AirPlay support allows for connection of compatible devices without using additional software applications. VIA Campus² Plus also incorporates a HDMI input for connection of multimedia devices.

Fully living up to the names of new VIA devices their computation capacity has been doubled. Implementation of 8th-generation central processor and RAM capacity doubling allows the system for simultaneous processing of more events and quicker switching between them. Storage capacity has been doubled as well which makes it possible to store bigger document files and more multimedia content in the system memory.

With all abundance of innovations the devices retain key VIA Campus properties. New revisions make it possible to connect up to 254 participants for collaborative work with the simultaneous displaying of a dynamic content from up to 12 user on 2 main screens. All connected participants can view the displayed content on their individual device screens, make annotations in course of a discussion on top of a displayed content, communicate through the built-in chat feature and have an access to shared files.

The devices run under OS Windows 10 thus making it possible to install any required software application. Thereby users can connect remote participants through Skype, Zoom, Web EX and multiple other videoconferencing software applications, make changes collectively to a common document in real time using Microsoft Office and CorelDRAW program suites and exchange files through Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive.

Choosing VIA Campus² or VIA Campus² Plus a customer gets a reliable tool for collaborative work. Whether there is a conference room or lecture hall the devices will help users to easily organize a collaborative work of any scale.