KDS-USB series: remote connection of peripherals


Kramer KDS-USB series provide quick Plug-and-Play connection of several USB peripherals to a network host. It consists of KDS-USB2-EN encoder transmitter and KDS-USB2-DEC decoder receiver. The KDS-USB2 encoder/decoder kit is also available.

KDS-USB devices allow you to connect up to four displays, video cameras, mobile devices, media players, USB drives or mouse and keyboard sets located in different rooms or at different sites to a host computer via Ethernet. The maximum signal transmission distance using CAT5e/6/7 twisted pair cable is 100 m. USB 1.1 and 2 standards are supported.

The system can be expanded by adding up to 7 decoders to each encoder. Kramer Control cloud platform expands the system’s capabilities, allowing you to control multiple KDS-USB2 devices remotely.