Next level of working with audio. AFM-20DSP Matrix


Kramer Electronics has launched AFM-20DSP − the first in the industry audio matrix switcher with adjustable I/O configurations, Dante (4×4) support, built-in power amplifier, DA/AD converter and multi-channel DSP. All this make the device a versatile audio signals management tool in most critical installations — boardrooms, meeting rooms, multi-purpose sports-and-leisure centres, concert halls and studios.

Matrix size can be adjusted from 4×16 to 12×8, upon that a part of ports can operate as MIC inputs. Beside 20 analog ports the unit handles Dante streams (4 inputs/4 outputs), has S/PDIF input and output, HDMI input and output with audio embedding and de-embedding and built-in test pattern generator. One channel can be linked to the built-in 2×60W @ 8Ω and 1×120W @ 70V / 100V power amplifier. The device can route any input to any output and provide mixing signals from any inputs to the desired outputs. All this provide a maximum flexibility in control and signal sources changing.

Each input and output signal can pass a multi-stage processing in DSP, parametric equalizer, expander and compressor. Also acoustic feedback and echo cancellation feature for microphones is available. Professional, studio grade signal conversion technology ensures excellent dynamic performance and improved tolerance to clock jitter. The comprehensive and user−friendly graphic interface makes configuring every detail of your audio system intuitive and easy. Integration with simple and powerful Maestro Room Automation system enables you to automate your meeting room elements including lights, motorized shades and other devices.