Forget about the cable mess under your feet with Kondator Iris


Kondator specialists in collaboration with their colleagues from the Tengbom architecture firm have released the powerhub for charging gadgets in office and client areas. Iris (Item no. 910-i20) is a stylish round box with 4 Euro 220–250 V outlets and 2 USB-A ports inside.

It helps to connect laptops, smartphones and other devices of your colleagues and clients during informal meetings. On top of this the hidden 3 m power cord helps you to get rid of the cable mess underfoot and piles of wires around you.

Iris has been designed with environmental aspect in mind: housing and lid of the powerhub are made of light grey or beige recycled thermoplastic. Minimalist design and comprehensive functionality have impressed the Red Dot Design Award jury — powerhub received this prestigious industrial design award in 2021.