Balance of Form and Content: Kondator Chargers


Swedish quality, Scandinavian practicality and design... These phrases are well-known to everyone. Novelties of the Swedish brand Kondator allow us to see that these are not just empty words. Powerdot MICRO desktop chargers are really very practical, stylish and functional.

Each of them equipped with two USB-ports to be mounted in a desktop or other furniture. Length of the power cable is 1.5 m. Total 5 V and 2 A allow you to charge a smartphone or a tablet wherever you need: in libraries, conference and lecture halls, offices, hotels, exhibition halls, parks and transport facilities. Using USB chargers instead of usual 220 V sockets in public places is much safer for visitors, especially ones with children.

Models differ in form, material and color of front panels. 935-PM30 is equipped with a round black or white plastic housing 35 mm in diameter. 935-PM30M also has a round-shaped housing, but it’s made of metal. On top of 935-PM31 there is a square-shaped metal panel. The last two chargers offer the maximum variety of design options: black, «champagne», «anthracite», «rose quartz», silver, white.

And what’s more important, all Powerdot MICRO chargers are easy to mount: cutting out a 30 mm through hole in a desktop and connecting two parts of the charger together is enough. The housing is very compact; the total height doesn’t exceed 36 mm. If you have any questions regarding Kondator chargers, please contact our managers.