Brand: Kramer
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The C-BM/BM-1.5 is an RG-6 cable with BNC connectors (male-male). Made based on BC-1X cable. Length: 0.5 m.

  • Quality Construction — RG–6 cable for the highest resolution signals.
  • High–Quality Connectors — True 75Ω BNC connectors maintain correct impedance end–to–end.
  • Varied Selection of Lengths — Available in versions of 1.5 to 150ft (0.5 to 45.7m).
  • Cable Specs — Tested to 3G. For detailed cable specs, see Kramer BC–1X.
Connector Type A BNC (Male)
Connector Type B BNC (Male)
Cable Category RG-6 coaxial cable
Number of conductors 1
Inner conductor 1 x 1,02 mm
Conductor material Copper (OFC, Bare Copper)
Conductor cross section 0,823 mm²
AWG 18
Insulation material Polyethylene foamed with film (FOAM / SKIN-PE)
Insulation diameter 4,57 mm
Screen 1 Double aluminum foil on the Mailare (Dual-Foil / Mylar)
Screen 2 braided aluminum; 34 AWG.
Screen Density 100  % Coating, 25  % overlap
Screen braid density ≥ 61 %
Outer shell material PVC
Outer shell diameter 6,95 mm
Outer shell color Dark gray
Electrical parameters
Rated voltage 300 V
DC conductor resistance per 1 km 21,8 ohm
Linear capacity (electric) 53.1 PF / M
Wave impedance 75 ohm
Performance characteristics
Operating temperature range −20…+75 °C
Flame Propagation Test CSA C(UL) CL2
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