Brand: Kramer
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Connector Type A DVI 19-pin (Male)
Connector Type B DVI 19-PIN (Male)
Number of optical fibers 8
Fiber type Multimode (MMF)
Outer shell material PVC
Outer shell diameter 5,5 mm
Outer shell color Orange
Overall dimensions of optical modules (LxWxH) 39 x 53 x 15,4 mm
Data transfer
Maximum Resolution 1080p
Fiber optic extension up to 500 M.
Electrical parameters
Power 5 V, <500 mA (each module)
Performance characteristics
Operating temperature range 0…+50 °C
Storage temperature range −30…+70 °C
Relative humidity 10 ... 85  % (without condensation)
Minimum bend radius 120 mm
Tensile Load 600 N (only cable)
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