Seamless combination of style and technology


We are excited to show you how easy it is to create the perfect presentation or video conferencing solution with our new Avtek brand. Avtek is a Polish brand specializing in interactive flat panels; its most popular touchscreens and whiteboards are well known for their stunning design and cutting-edge functionality.

We present to your attention a set consisting of Ergofount mobile display mount BSM-100-07TV and Avtek TouchScreen 6 Connect 7.

The BSM-100-07TV mobile mount is designed for heavy and large displays, such as the 75″ Avtek TouchScreen 6 Connect 7 weighing 49.5 kg. Display position can be perfectly adjusted; all the numerous ports, indispensable in everyday work, are easily accessible. Thanks to the mobility of the mount, the display can be placed wherever you need with all the necessary equipment stored on the built-in shelf.

Choose the perfect set for your purposes and enjoy the benefits of modern technologies and ergonomics.