British manufacturer Avocor is known for its touchscreen collaboration panels. Their solutions combine all the functions of a touchscreen display, an interactive whiteboard, and a video conferencing system. The company's partners include Intel, Microsoft, Logitech, Lenovo and other prominent figures of the information technology industry. The University of Edinburgh, Western Union and Discovery Education UK are among their clients.

All products have a low entry threshold and are easily integrated with unified communications systems, mobile devices based on iOS and Android, instant messengers and conference software. Some products are ideal for presentations and negotiations, while others are tailored towards interactive lessons, lectures and seminars. Built-in third party IoT (Internet of Things) sensors allow these panels to be connected to the Azure Digital Twins platform to create a truly smart office.

4K Ultra HD resolution, anti-glare glass, up to 20 touch points, low latency writing and much more make collaborations more enjoyable - this means that thanks to Avocor teams will meet more often and work more efficiently.

  • Avocor — Low entry threshold

    Low entry threshold

    Feels like working on a large tablet computer
  • Avocor — High-tech hardware

    High-tech hardware

    Innovations and cutting-edge industry trends
  • Avocor — Compatible with Win 10 and Office 365

    Compatible with Win 10 and Office 365

    The equipment was developed in conjunction with Microsoft
  • Avocor — All-in-one


    Out-of-the-box PnP solutions
Official website:https://www.avocor.com/

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