Vandal and weather resistant VoIP intercom station


Standard loudspeakers do not always fulfil all the tasks of a public address system, especially when you need two-way communication with remote endpoints. Modern professional VoIP intercom stations are the best choice in this situation. For example, IPS-VOI from Atlas IED.

This is an IPX series vandal and weather resistant intercom panel which uses SIP RFC 3261 VoIP protocol for two-way communication over a WAN/LAN channel. By design, it can be installed virtually anywhere — outdoors, in heated or unheated rooms and hallways. The device is IP65 compliant and resistant to corrosion, dust, moisture, mechanical impacts, vibration, low and high temperature.

The panel provides full-duplex voice communication between endpoints and a control room. Built-in loudspeaker peak power output: 1 W. Microphone volume/sensitivity and operation modes are controlled via Ethernet. IPS-VOI supports PoE and Cisco SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) emergency operation mode, allowing to receive a signal even in case of malfunctions of the main communication channel.

In addition to performing paging tasks, the panel can be easily integrated with fire alarm and security systems — for example, to output an alarm signal when a door is opened or other unauthorized actions are performed. The Peer-to-Peer corporate communication mode is also supported. Such functionality will be useful not only in industrial premises, at gas stations and warehouses, but also at transport facilities, in medical and scientific centers and as part of public address systems (PAs) used to alert about emergencies.