Active in-ceiling IP loudspeaker with built-in microphone


We continue to introduce you to the IPX loudspeakers, produced under the Atlas IED brand. Following our story about the vandal and weather resistant IPS-VOI intercom panel, let’s look at the equally interesting IP-12SYSM model. Although it is intended for indoor use, moreover, only for suspended ceilings, it provides everything you need for high-quality two-way audio transmission in corporate networks and public address systems.

IP-12SYSM is equipped with 8’’ woofer, 3’’ tweeter, built-in 15W class D amplifier and omnidirectional microphone for half- or full-duplex communication, depending on the software platform used (GCK 3.0+, InformaCast Advanced 8.0+, InformaCast Fusion 3.0+ or SA-Announce 9.0.18+). So basically, this is a ready-made «out of the box» solution that will automatically configure and register in your network.

IP-12SYSM uses VoIP technology for tele-presence and communication of employees over a WAN/LAN communication channel. There is a limiter for overload protection and equalization of the input signal level. The speaker is mounted in 1′×2′ or 2′×2′ «Armstrong» suspended ceiling panels (in the latter case, it occupies half of the standard tile).

To summarize, it’s a multiplatform communication endpoint for advanced voice communication and public address systems with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), Cisco SRST support, selectable dynamic or static IP addressing and most importantly — high efficiency and sufficient sound power for working in noisy environments and covering large areas.