Atlas IED

Atlas IED (formerly Atlas Sound) has been developing and manufacturing professional audio systems, amplification and switching equipment since 1934. The company is best known for its complex solutions for industrial and transport companies, stadiums, hotels, advertising and broadcasting markets. Some of its clients are included in the Fortune 1000 - a list of the largest companies in the United States. Atlas IED also offers solutions for small commercial areas, bars, cafes and restaurants.

The product range includes all types of loudspeakers: indoor and outdoor, pendant, recessed and cabinet. There are models that are resistant to dust, atmospheric influences and temperature changes. Open architecture audio platforms and DSPs, Sound Masking processors, sound reinforcement and mixing equipment make up another significant part of their catalogue.

The company also manufactures more specific products: explosion-proof fireproof column speakers, alarm and intercom systems, mass warning and evacuation management systems, some of which are IP-based.

  • Atlas IED — Full range of audio equipment for commercial use

    Full range of audio equipment for commercial use

    From "amplifier - loudspeakers" bundles to audiovisual mass warning and evacuation management systems
  • Atlas IED — R&D department

    R&D department

    Experts with years of experience and market understanding
  • Atlas IED — Recognizable concert quality sound

    Recognizable concert quality sound

    Even background sound systems perfectly reproduce not only speech, but also music
  • Atlas IED — Introduction of cutting edge technologies

    Introduction of cutting edge technologies

    Dante support, network control, scalability and more

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