Comfortable energy

Lobbies and waiting rooms became an inseparable part of many organizations. Whether you are waiting for the doctor’s appointment or a job interview of your life – you will most likely have to wait. During such periods many of us are tend to read or watch something on our gadgets. The main problem with the modern gadgets is a relatively short battery life, which may cause the shut down at the most inconvenient moment. To avoid such misfortunes Kondator suggests to use Powerdot MINI built-in sockets.

By drilling a small hole with a diameter of just 51 mm you can install a socket or a charging station with 2 USB-charger ports in any furniture. It will provide a convenient way to keep the phone or tablet charged while waiting for all the guests. The alternative mounting method is the use of 935-SF01 and 935-SF02 adaptors. These compact accessories allow to place one or two Powerdot MINI charging solutions in a stylish box, mounted beneath the chair’s seat, tabletop or a sofa. It also helps to create a fully-fledged socket without a need for drilling.

Using Powerdot MINI built-in sockets you are granting your customers a convenient access to the power source wherever it is suitable for them. This will make the waiting process more pleasant, making the communication better.

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