Perfect warning system

Новость IPX Series.jpg

In case of emergency it is necessary reach the right people immediately, demonstrating your messages both visually and audibly, and there is no better way to do it than using VoIP capable equipment. Atlas IED understands it and created IPX series solutions, providing VoIP capabilities for warning systems.

IPX series VoIP solutions allow to broadcast your messages via Ethernet, delivering signals as far as the network infrastructure goes. No matter if it is a campus level or a city-scale system – all your messages will instantly reach the recipient. All models are equipped with high-quality speakers and bright LCD displays, that enable a clear view of all the notifications. They are easy to mount and maintain thanks to PoE powering over Ethernet cable. With the help of user friendly and intuitive GCK control system you can control broadcasting from any point.

Using IPX series VoIP solutions you will get a perfect way to alarm people about any emergency. No matter if it is a little office or a city-scale emergency system, with these devices you will get a perfect quality of warning.

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