Make the best of your video


ValueHD corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of AV solutions for video-conferences. They are producing cameras, microphones and other conferencing solutions with the latest achievements of AV technologies in mind, providing the best quality image to their customers. Today we are proud to present one of their best products – V611U.

V611U is a high-performance PTZ camera, perfectly suitable for videoconferences of any scale. With 1080p resolution, 12x optical zoom and wide viewing range it allows to see even tiniest details with a high quality. The camera turns almost instantly, providing the quick way to switch between different speakers or detail of the presentation. Additional comfort is provided by the regulation of white balance and the possibility to turn the image upside-down, if it is necessary to mount camera on the ceiling. All these manipulations are carried remotely through various methods, including Ethernet.

V611U will provide the best quality video no matter the scale of the video-conference. No matter if it is a small meeting, or a full-scale seminar – you will see everything like you are sitting on the other end of the transmission.  

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