KFT ergonomic workstations


It is a known fact that proper work space layout has become one of the main issues in modern offices. To resolve it various ergonomic solutions are being increasingly used, since they alone make it possible to create the most comfortable working environment for employees. All-in-one solutions are particularly popular in this regard, and KFT series mobile stands – the novelty from ErgoFount is a perfect example of such a solution.

KFT series mobile stands make it possible to hold one or two PC monitors of up to 24 inch size, a keyboard and a mouse at the height from 1.4 to 1.7 m. A user can individually adjust the working height of a stand, therefore transforming the workplace type from sit-down to stand-up one. A user can also change tilt and turn angles within ±45° range, thus de-stressing eyes and neck. With that, mobile stands do not occupy much space, and if desired, they can be easily moved to another place any time. Optional accessories including Printer Shelf, CPU holder and Storage box contribute to convenience and functionality of the product.

KFT series mobile stands are ideally suited for warehouses, offsite events and offices of any size making any job comfortable and ergonomic.     

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