Built-in power


When designing the office, it is important to consider the location of sockets in the room. The large amount of equipment makes us to arrange tables in a way, that allows each employee to power his or her devices. To solve this problem, Kondator has developed a line of built-in sockets.

Built-in Kondator sockets allow you to place the power supply directly on the table. These solutions are provided for both personal desktops and meeting rooms. For the personal desktop you can use Powerdot series built-in sockets, which are mounted in a table with a cutout of 73 mm. Outlets can change the depth in the range of ±51 mm, and they can be hidden from the eyes thanks to the optional covers. For meeting rooms, you can use Axessline series socket stations installed in an inconspicuous flap. In addition to standard sockets, Kondator’s solutions are equipped with USB, RJ45, HDMI and cable channels that allow you to elegantly organize the wires.

Allowing to always keep the power source nearby, the built-in Kondator sockets will be an indispensable solution for any office. The variability of the available connectors allows to choose the built-in socket for any task, and the ability to organize the wires will make the office more presentable.

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