High resolution over long distances


Pro AV installations are inextricably linked with selection of appropriate cables, especially when it comes to signal transmission over long distances. Models with integrated transmitters and receivers are available in standard lengths only, at which point it is often necessary to coil unused parts of cable at the same time overpaying for extra meters. To solve this problem Kramer Electronics has created the line of transmitters and receivers which operate with standard fiber optic cable assemblies. Currently this line is expanded with new representatives: 612R/T – for DisplayPort and 617R/T – for HDMI signals.

Transmitter and receiver kits are capable of extending signals with 4K@60 Hz (4:4:4) resolution up to 200 m over dual LC multi-mode OM3 fiber optic cable. This signal extension method based on pure fiber connectivity provides a full galvanic isolation which is critical for signal transmission over long distances. Gold-plated source and display end connectors of the devices provide ideal connection quality, and HDCP 2.2 and EDID support allows for easy connection to any display.

Therefore, transmitter and receiver kits simplify installation process a great deal. 612R/T and 617R/T will become irreplaceable ally of any installer making it possible to use existent or being newly installed fiber optic lines excluding damage of a transmitter or receiver during the installation process.

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