BTFS3 desktop mount with adjustable position


ErgoFount constantly works on providing its customers with new ergonomic mounts for homes and offices. BTFS3 series are not an exception – right after market emerging BTFS3 won wide popularity due to its elegant design and reliable operation. Let’s take a closer look at those new articles.

All the models are divided into two groups. Those items marked with letter C utilize G-clamp, so there is no need for surface drilling. Those with letter G are to be fixed with grommet set inside the opening. The BTFS3 mount is designed for one 24″ display. It could be models BTFS3-100C, BTFS3-100G, BTFS3-101C and BTFS3-101G, that use swivel joint and models BTFS3-102C and BTFS3-102G equipped with double-throw suspended joint in order to provide wider configuration options.

It worth to mention that some mounts also support double-monitor configurations. These are BTFS3-201C and BTFS3-201G with swivel joints and reinforced BTFS3-202DC and BTFS3-202DG mounts with double-throw suspended joint. User can easily choose between portrait and landscape monitor orientation.

Display adapter is securely protected from disassembling by the anti-vandal AS-07X lock that is optionally available.

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