New! DynamiQ™ Touch Panel Cart


The DynamiQ™ Touch Panel Cart provides maximum configuration for any large format display by easily adjusting it from a standard cart configuration to a drafting table to a table top. The DynamiQ™ cart is ideal for touch panels display sizes from 42” to 90” and can support up to 300 lbs.

The easy access control panel is mounted on the side and includes two preset configurations. The DynamiQ™ cart provides stability and flexibility making it a perfect solution.


·        D-TPC-S supports single display up to 55″ or 155 lbs

·        D-TPC-L supports single display up to 90″ or 300 lbs

·        Universal display mount

·        Internal storage space

·        Electric lifting and tilting capabilities via control panel with two presets

·       Eight 5” casters, four locking

·        6-port surge protector

·        Cable management features

·        100% solid steel construction

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