Rotary shelves – best solution for video-conference
Rotary shelves – best solution for video-conference
Stands for video-conferences are very useful collaboration equipment. But just few of them have a shelf for a rotary camera. Still, there are a number of situations when room configuration makes evident need of rotary camera. Modul IT introduces new AVTEQ rotary shelves CS-1G-LS and CS-2G-LS designed for rotary cameras, compatible with Tandberg Precision HD and Polycom HDX EagleEye VC-cameras.

Shelves CS-2G-TBPLCM and CS-1G-TBPLCM are good solution for mounting rotary HD cameras, as during video-conference exactly cameras define the impression you produce on your partners. Moreover, sometimes room configuration is ideal for installing exactly rotary cameras on rotary shelves.

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