T3500 Set for Collaboration and Videoconferencing table

How many participants can accommodate in a conference room? Are the working conditions comfortable for them? How easy is it to display the prearranged visual materials? Can all participants see and hear well? Meeting results often depend on these factors.

Modul IT, a market leading Pro AV furniture and accessories provider, satisfies these requirements by introducing the American VFI's new T3500 Slim Line Video Conference Table, designed primarily for the telepresence market. The T3500 series includes a collaboration table for at least 7 participants, a fixed base display stand for single 40" – 65" or dual 32" – 55" displays with a camera mount, and optional table extensions for larger boardrooms which allow accommodating extra 2 or 4 participants at the table.

The T3500 table can be ordered as stand-alone or as a complete configured room package. The set brings a clean high-tech look to any modern conference room. It features cable management system and custom cutouts for accommodating electronics for easy plug in of peripherals such as laptops or USB flash drives. Inside the table base there are codec baskets, shelves for electronic peripheral and a built-in cooling fan. Two bridges are offered for different camera distance requirements (36" and 49 1/4"). Scratch resistant thermal wrap finish is available in many colors.

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