TP1000 Series – Mobile Telepresence Stand Solutions

Modul IT Solutions introduces a range of VFI’s TP1000 mobile stands which allows easy placing of large plasma or LCD display/s and other electronic equipment in various locations. Special durable mounts secure the display/s to the stand safely and elegantly.

The new series includes TP1000-S stand for a single 32" – 70" display, TP1000-D for two 32" – 70" displays, and TP1000-XL for one extra-large 50" – 90" display. All stands provide modern and comfortable placement option for a wide range of flat panel displays and numerous video conferencing peripheral. They feature durable self-supporting frames with built-in shelves thoroughly engineered for all common videoconference codecs and accessories, as well as hidden cable management systems and quiet cooling fans, which makes them a top-industry solution. Adjustable mount allows changing the height of the display easily and quickly, and a video camera can be placed above or below it. A removable back panel provides simple access to the equipment inside the stand and allows carrying out scheduled maintenance and setup. Stands of the series feature 4" lockable casters for secured positioning after setup. Scratch resistant thermal wrap finish is available in many colors.

VFI is an American leader in manufacturing of affordable, stylish and durable furniture for AV equipment.

Modul IT Solutions is a market leading Pro AV furniture and accessories provider with operations in more than 27 countries.

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