Indispensable assistants of any application - AV Accessories

A wide range of Modul IT furniture accessories is designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of working areas. Some accessories can be successfully used separately. For example, monitor or wall mounting workstations including the monitor and shelves for keyboard and mouse. Modern furniture accessories for audio-visual equipment can be divided into several groups. There are desk-, wall-, floor mounting and ceiling mounts for one, two or more monitors of different sizes, features, designs and colors. All fasteners conform to international standard VESA and provide easy convenient installation with virtually no restrictions. After the installation using mounts, any manufacturers and dimensions monitor can be used in the work.

It also includes the mobile rack cabinets, they have 12 - 21RU height (RACK-12, RACK-16 and RACK-21 models). They are indispensable in mobile installations. Cupboards will accommodate a large number of audio and video equipment in a standard 19-inch rack, located behind the front lockable door. Part of the model has a removable back wall for easy access to the connector panel.

Various brackets and components for furniture also help the installer. There are drawers, rack mount accessories, extra folding shelves for document cameras and projection equipment, brackets for cameras, encoders, system units and more. All these little things considerably improve the functionality and usability of furniture with it.

And finally, we mention mechanical accessories (spare screws, washers, mounting brackets, etc.), designed for specific hardware (tablet devices and laptops), applies to this section. In addition to these optional items universal pad on the table to increase the working space and sloping stands for iPad belong to this group. Most of these models are on stock, call and we will help you to select the right choice.

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