TM, TN, TT series of laptop and tablet trolley

Modul IT offers an innovative product - the mobile carts that provide collective charging tablet and laptop devices. Some models also feature as a function of download the required data and software on a network. Today, organizations are switching to space-saving mobile devices, and buy them for their employees. This improves the efficiency of each manager. And sooner or later there is a question where to store and charge these devices? In educational institutions, government offices and commercial environments where a large number of laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs are used in the work, the same problem occurs almost every day, at the end of the working day.

Charging Carts for Laptops and Tablet PC to synchronize from 8 to 40 units (including iPad 2 and New iPad) became available in the Russian market. Each sync, charge and storage system is equipped with a ventilation holes and convenient LED eye, 3 different colors to indicate the charging and sync status of device. They have following useful properties: time saving - Charge all iPad devices simultaneously, key lock and hidden bracket for table mount, ventilation holes, carrying handles, over-current protection to prevent your valuable device from damage and more. Innovative solutions are available for vertical placement of the tablet PC in a stationary box and on the mobile platform with wheels.

All storage systems, except TT116PS, equipped with carrying handles are robust lockable wheel system. It gives them moving on the floor without any risk of damage to the floor covering. The kit also includes three-position locking device with lock and key to it. Charging timer helps to save energy and extend tablets & iPad battery life. You can see the new equipment in the "Charging Carts" category on our website.

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