Up to 11 people are able to come to the negotiation table

T3500 Video Conference Table is able to satisfy the most demanding customers due to combining optimal levels of technology, ergonomics and comfort. Designed primarily for the telepresence market, it brings a clean high-tech look to today's conference rooms. Modern business meeting facilities with the possibility of video conferencing were originally conceived as a universal tool for collaboration. How many employees can be located in your meeting room? How comfortable will the participants be at the discussion? Will the speaker quickly display prepared by him (say, on his laptop) visual material? In the end, whether all material will be well seen and heard to the speaker and participant? On the answer to each of these questions often depends not only the amount of work done, but also the outcome of the meeting, insignificant details can’t take place here.

Collaborate work and conferencing table T3500, has a virtually unlimited expansion capabilities, and therefore allows us to solve a variety of tasks. In the minimum configuration it holds up to 7 members, the interior of the table is equipped with cable channel, has a niche for PC hardware and rack-rails with a height of 10RU. In the center of the tabletop panel is installed for easy access to the interior space with different connectors and power sockets, including connecting laptops / flash-cards and display images on the screen.

Due to the additional connecting bridges (links) EXT2 and EXT4 work space can increase the number of participants in the negotiations starting with 2 and 4 people (and up to 9 and 11 and, respectively). Trim T3500 T1 proposes to add a TV stand for TV-conferencing for two TVs 32-55″ or for one big - diagonal 40-65″, and in model T3500 T3 there is available a comfortable three-section cabinet at the base of the stand.

Thus, we offer a turnkey solution. With the help of this solution to 11 people will be able to participate in a session of video conferencing and simultaneously hold an internal meeting. No dangling wires, HD video quality, ideal work environment and the opportunity to further build the system - all characterized by the use of T3500.

T3500 T1/T3 Video Conference Kit (Table + Stand)
WIDTH: 142,2cm
DEPTH: 337,8cm
HEIGHT: 74,2cm
Stand for dual 32-55″ or single 40-65″ TV's
10RU rack rails
Camera bracket for freestanding
Bridge for cable management to room or furniture
Options: CR3000EX TechCredenza
Options: T3500 Extension Accommodates 2 (EXT2 - 73,6cm) or 4 (EXT4 - 139,7 cm) additional people

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