Tablet charging & syncing solutions by ANTHRO

With new ANTHRO products you can charge, sync, store, secure and even transport your tablets, e-readers and hand-held devices in a mobile any size carts or wall-mounted cabinets. Available in 3 models, there’s a charging cart that’s perfect for your devices. Priced well below our competitors, Tablet charging Carts are tiny. Mix and match any size and variety of tablets, smart phones and hand-held devices – fr om any manufacturer – in a compact 2’ x 2’ mobile cart. Carts even give IT pros their own locking IT area to organize cords and chargers.

When it comes to syncing content, you have two choices. Utilize either your facility's wireless network or, for a wired connection, use ANTHRO's USB Sync Kit. His 10-port USB hub connects 10 devices at a time to your laptop.

If you have a lim ited room to store your devices you can save valuable floor space with the budget-friendly Tablet Charging Cabinet which mounts to a wall or countertop. The petite iPad® cabinet charges and syncs a mixture of tablets, smart phones and hand-held devices, including their cases. IT pros have their own locking area on the side of the cabinet to organize adapters and route cords.

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